Autour de l’eau

SS 2019

The Mediterranean is a land and a sea: nature in its purest form, shedding masks and shaping the enjoyment of being.

Baraa has projected into reality its desires, its way of being, its conviviality, the warmth and well-being brought by the sun, the waves and the good smell of the land. Each collection tells a different, unique story, bringing to life millennia of history and pleasure.

The “Autour de l’eau” collection reflects a creation between dream and reality.

Everything living is linked to water, the source of life and exchange that brings us together, sometimes over a cup of tea, sometimes under a waterfall. The power of water brings light and expanse, leisure and rhythm, transparency and depth to life.

This collection reflects it, so that everyone can explore the authenticity of the room in their own way of being and living. The uniqueness of the colors, the play of layers and the superposition of materials inspire a natural elegance and beauty.


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