We are weaving for You – Baraa X Musk & Amber

It was during an exciting encounter between designer Baraa Ben Boubaker Gouillou and the prestigious Musk & Amber gallery in Tunis that this bold and ambitious project was born.

Driven by a need for excellence in favor of luxury and Tunisian know-how, the “On tisse pour tous” project is a plea for sublimated know-how, a commitment to make the art of living of a thousand-year-old country shine through. This exhibition presents a unique artwork: that of a designer who travels through different worlds as a source of inspiration. The gallery welcomes a designer and her craftswomen as an artist. Craft teases fashion with itinerancy and poetry, and becomes art.

“On tisse pour tous” is an itinerant concept that evolves between limited editions, the “Baraa X Musk & Amber” exhibition and unique, and made-to-measure pieces. In our cultures, weaving is a matter of dialogue. In our families, we weave for celebrations and out of generosity. Baraa and Musk and Amber take a modern, proactive approach to weaving, perpetuating the tradition with elegance.