Fashion Designer

Born in Kelibia (Cap Bon, Tunisia) and living and working on the Riviera, Baraa find her inspiration in the traditional Tunisian arts, the Principality of Monaco of the Belle Epoque, and the Italian Dolce Vita.

First tunisian laureate of the the competition of the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode in Marseille, in 2010, Baraa has started the revival of the traditional fabric in modern fashion.

By developping the weaving of the traditional Tunisian Hayek garment, Baraa has created a new sustainable and ethical fashion.

baraa™ is more than just a responsible label. It cultivates taking the necessary time to produce materials, making the right and precise decisions about fabrics and the cut of a garment. It cherishes and respects the work of artisan craftsmen, particularly those Tunisian artisans who are the last to use ancestral skills and know-how.

A dreamlike style of fashion, finding yourself in complete simplicity, with garments where you can discover the freedom of your body, paying homage to life and the Mediterranean.